Season-Ending Pasta/Pizza Party

PASTA/PIZZA PARTY Wednesday, February 7 – Families the team has set a date for the 2nd pasta/pizza party of the season!

The Pasta party will be held at the Albertelli’s house at 900 Parkview Drive. We will eat around 7:00 pm and we will finish up around 9:00 with it being a school night – You can start arriving around 6:30 p.m.

The captains are asking if the groups can bring the following:

  • Freshman: Drinks
  • Sophomores: Desserts
  • Juniors: Side Dish (ie: appetizers: Veggies, Dips)
  • Seniors: Main Dish – (pizza, pasta, mac and cheese, etc.)

Please know the above is a suggestion from what has been done in past years… anything is appreciated so if your son or daughter likes something and wants to bring some of that dish and some to share with their teammates that would be great! Also, please don’t send too much food! With everyone bringing something there is always plenty.

For any new swim team families, this is an informal event where we have our downstairs a large game room that the kids can play pool, play a variety of arcade games, etc. and just bond. Both my husband and I will be home and the kids will be supervised. Details and directions should have been received via email.

If you didn’t receive the email with this information, please contact Tammy.